What’s in my diaper bag! 

What’s in my diaper bag! 

Good Morning everyone and welcome back to “Mom talk Mondays!!!” I hope everyone had a great weekend and is refreshed and ready to tackle their week. Something I always get ready the night before is Blake’s diaper bag. I am not going to lie the first couple of weeks of being a new mom I was so overwhelmed. I asked everyone questions and even looked on Pintrest to figure out what I should pack. I thought this would be a good post to see what exactly I bring with me on the go.

First things first Blake is officially 9 months old!! WOW, time flies! Blake is now eating food, snacks, drinking from a sippy cup, playing with toys, and taking less breast milk throughout the day. The bag I usually use on the weekend is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull in MM. I love my Neverfull and had it way before I had Blake. It is perfect to throw her stuff in and in my opinion is a good size. I have been thinking about investing in the GM for when Blake gets a little older to hold more snack, clothes, and things in. That is besides the point though lol.

I hope this helps other moms out there and gave you some ideas of your own!

xoxo Brooke

What is in my bag?

1. Diaper and wipes!

This is for obvious reasons right? You might think it is, but there has been multiple times where Travis forgot wipes or we didn’t pack enough diapers and had to run out to the store ASAP! A good rule of thumb for us is about 10 diapers. I know that seems like a lot, but if we are going to be out ALL day I like to be EXTRA prepared.

2. Food!!!

Blake is now eating  “baby food”. At first I was so focused on breast milk that I was so picky about what I was feeding her (no I did not start with cereal). For a few weeks I was making my own baby food and loved it. Blake was doing so well until the moment I had to start adding more fruit and more veggies to the mix. On top of everything else thrown into my new role as a mom, making her food started to get over whelming. I then turned to the internet.

I researched certain brands and read all the ingredients two brands Blake loves and I am happy to give her is Plum Organics and Happy Baby! Both of these brands come in the little take along pouches which are super easy and messy free. One of my favorite things about using them both is the variety!!!! I am a huge lover of veggies and fruits, so when I saw that they used beets, avocado, kale, and kiwi (just to name a few) I got extremely excited. Another great thing is that they mix fruit with almost every pack, super easy to get your little ones to eat their veggies!

3. Snacks!!

Just like every other baby Blake is obsessed with puffs. Lucky for us both of these brands make their own ” puffs” and guess what it is mixed with fruits and veggies!!! WIN WIN for baby and mommy! Another snack that we like to give Blake when we need to keep her busy is the teething biscuits and HAPPYBABY’S “creamies”, super easy to throw in your bag!

4. Sippy cup!

We always keep a sippy cup of water with us just incase Blake gets thirsty from all her snacks lol.

5. Toys!

Blake is super into anything that makes noise or anything that fits in her little hands and she can chew on. Currently Blake has 2 teeth and is chomping down on anything she can get her hands on.

6. Facial Spray!

If you know me I am all about skincare. I love looking fresh faced!!! I like to keep a facial mist spray in my bag at all times. It is super easy to spritz your face to give you a little refresher!

Linked are a couple of my favorites!!!

7. Lactation Plus!

Breastfeeding Momma’s, you need this!!! I have always had a pretty good supply, but I realized now that because Blake isn’t taking from the breast as much or if I’m feeling a little under the weather my supply will decrease! So of course I looked up solutions. I don’t know about you guys, but I am not a fan of oatmeal or teas. So when I found that the Honest company made a supplement called “Lactation Plus” I knew I had to give it a try! OMGGGGGGG I use it almost every single day and love it! I can definitely tell a huge difference in my supply on the days that I don’t take it and recommend it if your supply is giving you a little trouble.

8. Blankets!

I live in New Orleans and we have bipolar weather so I always keep a blanket on me just in case.

9. An extra outfit

For those times that explosions happen! MOMMAS you get me!

10. BIBS!

Blake is a pretty clean eater so bibs are really kept on hand for those teething moments!

product photoProduct photo 1Military Jacket

(click on images for the links to shop Blake’s look!)


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