Tie front spring top!

Tie front spring top!

Happy SPRING!!!! Spring is finally here and I am totally obsessed with buying and putting together outfits for the gorgeous weather that is to come. One store that has been my obsession lately is Target. I don’t know about you guys, but I swear I cannot leave that store without buying some type of clothing item. This weekend I went for baby food and walked out with a full outfit, literally head to toe. I can’t help it, their stuff is so cute right now. Comment below if I’m not alone in this lol.

A couple of weekends ago we went to brunch in the city, and the weather was warm and super breezy. I paired this top with some high-waisted distressed shorts and flats. To be honest this top is my favorite top I think I have ever worn. This style comes in a couple of different prints, but my favorite part is that it ties. It crosses in the front and has a little tie so that you can decide how much cleavage you want to show. BREASTFEEDING moms hear me when I say this; “YOU NEED THIS TOP”. It is seriously the perfect top for breastfeeding, all you have to do is untie the tie and pull one of the crosses over and bam instant feeding time! I tested it out when we were at a birthday party and I instantly wanted to go buy more of them. Not to mention it is super light weight, and flattering for new moms.

I hope you guys enjoyed this different style post for #momtalkmondays. Please let me know what you guys would like to see from me, I am open to any suggestions!


xoxo Brooke


(shirt, shorts, shoes )

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