Happy Birthday Sholarstyle!

Happy Birthday Sholarstyle!

OMG!!! Sholarstyle is a year old today!!!!!!!!


I can’t believe that I started this journey a year ago. I literally can’t! It seems like just yesterday I was debating on whether or not to even start one. I had been thinking about starting a blog for so long and on this day a year ago I finally decided it was time. I had discussed it with my husband and once he was 100% on board I jumped! At that moment I had been searching for #Momblogs that talked about being a mom, but also staying true to who they were before becoming a mom. I fell in love with that exact concept and decided that I could share my journey into motherhood. BAM! www.sholarstyle.com was created.

 I wanted Sholarstyle.com to be a place women could come to read about another woman going through the same things they are. I wanted this to be a place where we as women could help each other out and talk. Blogging and sharing my journey about motherhood has been so much fun! I truly enjoy sharing what I am loving with the people who follow me. I feel like we have become close friends and I hope to only grow in the years to come. I have shared one of my deepest moments and also shared some fun outfits. From breastfeeding friendly, to the best places to find baby girls clothes I hope this is the place to come.

As I reflect on this past year I still can’t believe that I have worked with brands! Like what?! Brands that I already loved and used wanted to work with me? Just a girl sharing to her friends great finds, tips, and tricks? Brands like Origins, PinkBlush Maternity, and JORD thought I was worth their time? It has seriously been the coolest experience, and I want to thank you guys for trusting my opinions and for following along!

CHEERS to the FIRST year!!!!!

May year 2 be even better!!!!!!

xoxoxo Brooke


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