Top 5 Nude Lip Products!

Top 5 Nude Lip Products!

So I know that I normally don’t write much about make-up, but to be honest it is another great love of mine. I love to do make-up and play with products not only on me, but my friends as well. My favorite part about make-up is the fact that things look so different on each and every person. So I thought why not bring my love for it here to Sholarstyle, so I can share some of my own personal favorites.

To start off my beauty series I wanted to talk about my top favorite nude lip products. I know, I know everyone is always raving on the best nudes! However, Nudes in my opinion can be tricky. Nudes that may work for me may be way to dark for someone with a lighter skin-tone, but way to light for someone with a darker skin tone. I personally like more of a mauvy nude, but I did throw a peachy nude in as well. I hope you guys get some new products ideas or try them out for yourselves. Let me know if you enjoy beauty post and I will continue to share!

xoxo Brooke



  1. Velvet Teddy by Mac

I first found this color when Kylie Jenner was getting known for her “lips” lol. I know I fell for the trend and totally went to buy it ASAP! Honestly though I am glad I did. This is easily my go to lip color when I am in a rush. It is my perfect every day mauve shade, and prob my most used lip stick!

2. Strip Down by Mac

OKAY, same story as above! Totally fell for the trend, but this lip liner goes with every single lip color! It is close to my lip color, but has a brown undertone which makes it perfect! Pick this color up and thank me later!

3. Freckletone by Mac

This is that peachy nude I was talking about. Sometimes nudes with a peach under tone can either wash me out, or have to much peach and make my teeth look yellow. This one however doesn’t do that. I like to pair it with the strip down liner, I fill and line my lips and add this on top. If you have an olive skin tone, I highly recommend this.

4. Lolita by Kat Von D

This is my go to lip color when I need my color to stay put. It is a darker mauve color, and is also a liquid lip. Liquid lip products can be very drying. I personally exfoliate and moisturize my lips before applying, and never have an issue.

5. Tiramisu by NYX

First off I am obsessed with NYX’s butter glosses! I have a ton and literally keep them on me all the time. BUT! This color is my favorite. Sometimes I even just use this and a lip liner and go about my day. If you haven’t tried NYX butter glosses. Stop reading this and go buy it NOW!



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