Sweater dress trend with PinkBlush

Sweater dress trend with PinkBlush

Anyone else wondering where this “cool” weather is here in Nola? I am so totally a fall/winter girl. Living in Louisiana we don’t really get the consistent cool weather that people normally get, so I love following people who do get that weather. Seeing people bundled up all cozy gets me in the holiday spirit and I love it! I still don’t know what side I am on though. Decorate before or after Thanksgiving? I would def. say my husband is an after Thanksgiving person, but me I am unsure.

Navy Blue Basic Long Sleeve Sweater

Here all the cool weather trends are hard to follow, but when a front comes through I love to dress the part. A big trend I am seeing this year is the sweater dress trend with over the knee, or knee high boots. I was always super skeptical of wearing it because of how short I am. For reference I am only 5’2 so these can hit at a weird length for me. As you guys know I am a huge lover of Pinkblush so when I saw this sweater on the site I knew I had to have it. This sweater was sent to me, but I picked it out all on my own and would purchase it anyway. Pinkblush has great costumer service and almost always has a sale going on. Anyway, back to the sweater. It is technically not labeled a sweater dress, but if you are a shortie like me you can def get away with it. I paired it with knee high boots and I love how it came out. Sweater dress trend is a win for me! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

xoxo Brooke


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