Matching Christmas Pajamas for the whole family!

Matching Christmas Pajamas for the whole family!

Happy BLOG-MAS!!!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you are probably like , “Brooke what in the world are you talking about?” Well my friends Blog-mas is a new series Emily Gemma started from The Sweetest thing Blog where bloggers share all things Holiday until Christmas. It gives you an insight into the everyday life of your favorite bloggers, and lets you get to know them on a whole different level. I am not a full time blogger so I have decided I will be sharing one post a week dedicated to all things Christmas.

  To start off Blog-mas I have decided to round up all of the best matching pajamas for your family. If you are anything like me then you might be overly obsessed with Christmas, or if you are not like me you probably think I am a little crazy. I have always loved Christmas, but ever since having Blakely it has a whole new meaning. I am totally that person who decorates early, has special Christmas mugs, and watches Christmas movies over and over and over again. I just love the whole meaning behind Christmas and love seeing the magic in little ones’ faces.

One way I personally like to spread Christmas cheer in my house is through Pajamas. Literally Blakely and I have been wearing Christmas pajamas since Thanksgiving lol. Also, if you have been following along for a while now you already know one of my favorite things to do is match with Blakely. I like to take full advantage of matching her while it is still “cool” or while she just doesn’t notice what I am doing lol. In today’s post I have gathered up some of my favorite matching Christmas sets for “Mom and Me” and for the whole family. The only time I can get Travis to participate in the whole pajamas scene is Christmas so I like to take full advantage of the cause.

I have taken the search away from you guys so feel free to click the images below to shop.









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