2018 Goals

2018 Goals

Happy New Year! Today, on Sholarstyle I am sharing with you guys my personal goals for 2018. Every year I seem to do it, and honestly I never accomplish them. I always make way to many goals, and because of that I get burnt out on trying to get them done for the year. So this year I did the opposite, and I broke them into groups. Some are strictly for my blog, while other pertain to my personal life. I have narrowed them down to 4 and decided I would share them with you guys, and tell you a little bit as to why I chose these 4.

2018 goals

1. Create Healthy Habits

This is my top goal for many many reasons. While pregnant I had zero energy the whole entire time. My husband jokes and says I was a hibernating bear. It is funny and so true! This lack of all energy made it hard to be active. Of course I walked every single day, and taught dance up until I was 8 months pregnant. However, anything other than that was not happening. Before I was pregnant I worked out almost every single day, and on top of that I taught dance and Hip Hop Fitness. I look back and wonder all the time how in the world did I have time for all of that, but hey I made it happen. Fast forward to postpartum and honestly I did nothing. I breastfed and ate healthy which was enough for that moment. I lost all my baby weight and then some, but had zero muscle. Being someone who was so active I kind of just accepted my new body, because I was still “skinny”. Fast forward a little bit more and we are here today. A mom who is no longer breastfeeding, who hasn’t worked out in over 2 years and has ZERO muscle. I want to get back to a healthy lifestyle that is doable. Obviously my routine before just isn’t going to work. I am a mom who loves to be around her child every single chance she gets. I want to start off slow with my healthy habits.

My healthy habits will start off with my food choices and then incorporating work outs. My goal is to start off with 3 days a week. I truly feel like this is a great place to begin my new journey. I want to spend the least amount of time away from Blakely, but also came to realize that I need to take time out for myself in order to feel good mentally again. I know the healthy habits is cliche, but I truly hope to accomplish this goal and feel comfortable in a bikini again! lol

2. Be more consistent with my blog and set a time to disconnect from Social Media

These two kind of go hand and hand. I have only been blogging for a little while now, and truly have a dream to make my blog into something bigger. Starting in 2018 I will be posting blog post every Monday and Friday. I feel being more consistent with this will help me get my thoughts together and stay organized. I will be planning and writing post ahead of time to hopefully bring you guys more meaningful content. A big part of blogging is social media, which is where I personally struggle. I get so caught up in it that I sometimes miss quality time with my husband. My goal is to disconnect and put my phone away more. I will also be incorporating a cut off time. I think this will be one of my biggest struggles. It makes me sad saying that, but so many of us are glued to our phones that we miss all real interaction. I want to limit that this year and truly feel this cut- off time will benefit me tremendously.

3. Create a cleaning routine

I, like many others get caught up in laundry. Laundry is probably my least favorite chore of all and I swear it is never ending!!! No matter what I do I never feel caught up. One of my goals this year is take time out of my week to do this chore. Even if it is one load every other day, lol #grownupgoals.

4. Make a personal budget

Sometimes with blogging my shopping habits can get a little out of control. As always I want to create the best inspiration for you guys which leads me to shopping lol. I of course have always been good with not over spending, but lately I have been wanting to get more into building up my savings. With this I will be showing you guys more efficient ways to shop, and how to create multiple outfits with one piece. I think this will help you guys out more, and is more realistic for the every day girl. Let me know if you like this idea.

I hope you guys enjoyed this long post, and maybe got some ideas of your own to try out in 2018. As always these are my opinions and I truly hope I have inspired you to change things up! Cheers to 2018 and I wish a load of success to you all!!!

xoxo Brooke

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  1. Abby January 5, 2018 / 3:24 pm

    LOVE! Let me know if you need budget help! I have a template that I’ve been using for three years, and it works well for the Trauth House. 🙂

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