Meet Brooke

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I’m Brooke and welcome to Sholarstyle. I started this blog as a creative outlook to share girly post with women who are just like me. Like most women I have a strong love for fashion and beauty. In college I would find myself always wondering away from my studies and heading straight to the internet to watch my favorite Beauty Gurus or read my favorite bloggers! After graduating I felt as though I could put energy into writing a blog, but never thought it could become a reality until now.

I love to shop for reasonably priced pieces that anyone can get their hands on no matter what their income may be. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good designer item, but I do think certain dupes are just as good. Here you will find budget friendly options to the latest trends. However, fashion is not my only interest. I am a new mom and wife, and love reading about what other moms are doing. Sharing post about their everyday lives with their readers is something I want to bring here to sholarstyle.

Sholarstyle was created to show that the modern day mom could still be just as glamorous as before! I hope you guys enjoy my little space on the internet. If you have any questions or just want to chat, please email me. I love meeting new friends!


XOXO Brooke